Lucianne Goldberg's pride and joy is her popular political forum,, which is read each day by thousands of American Conservatives.

Lucy's small but perfectly formed staff pick out the top stories of the day and give their own biting analysis of them. They lovingly post bulletins whenever the boss is giving a radio or TV broadcast and waste no opportunity to post links to articles written by the great one or her journalist son, Jonah.

Readers are invited to add their thoughts by posting their views on an old-fashioned message board. They may also post stories from their local papers, as long as they do not contain racist or inflammatory messages.

Those who break the rules can expect a swift banning from the eagle-eyed editor, Amy Sheehan. Looking at the site, there seems little to separate it from the myriad of similar forums which litter the World Wide Web.

But there is one important difference: Lucy is an old pal of Internet wunderkind, Matt Drudge and the man credited with breaking the Monica Lewinsky scandal gives her a much-needed link on his busy Drudge Report homepage.

That guarantees her thousands of 'hits' and plenty of advertising revenue. If the Great Dame were to fall out with Drudge, there would be no Click on the links for a potted history of the website.

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