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A Sprinkle of porn, by Anita Chaudhuri

Original Article

Posted By:Chris Womersley, 7/31/00 8:34:21 PM

"Women need to be educated about how to watch porn," says "pro-porn feminist" Annie Sprinkle. "The reason many women don't like porn is because they are filled with shame about their own bodies, they feel it's wrong to explore their own sexual pleasure."


Reply 1 - Posted by: demonbowler, 7/31/00 8:35:30 PM

Like, what decade are you living in Annie?

Reply 2 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 8:37:06 PM

I sure do wish JJ wasn't banned.

Lucianne, please reinstate JJ.

Reply 3 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 7/31/00 8:41:43 PM


Has JJ really been banned?

Reply 4 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 7/31/00 8:42:01 PM

So thats how the 1st Amjendment works huh?

Reply 5 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 8:43:51 PM

KK, it appears he has been.

Reply 6 - Posted by: bubbabgone, 7/31/00 8:44:37 PM

Banned for what? Reverse toilet flow?

Reply 7 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 8:47:52 PM

Being too funny.

Reply 8 - Posted by: Landshark, 7/31/00 8:47:58 PM

I really do NOT want to know why this woman uses "Sprinkle" as a last name!

Reply 9 - Posted by: bubbabgone, 7/31/00 8:50:03 PM

With Ms. Sprinkle I think we've got Owl's Surgeon General designee.

Reply 10 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 7/31/00 8:51:05 PM

For being too funny and making jokes about that vastly important US cultural text "The Patriot"

Which stars Aussies but I better shut up before I get kicked off too.

Reply 11 - Posted by: bubbabgone, 7/31/00 8:55:20 PM

maybe he's just on a walkabout in the outback to practice his didgeredoo and eat his vegemite sandwiches ... or whatever silly things you guys do.

Reply 12 - Posted by: Quilla, 7/31/00 8:55:32 PM

News must be extremely slow down-under. And Anita - I don't think so.

Reply 13 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 8:56:56 PM

Considering he's not even an Aussie - we're still here.

Reply 14 - Posted by: Dawgsquat, 7/31/00 9:01:47 PM

Banned for turning the forum into a chat room.
All those with no guilt please raise your hand. Gee....I don't see any.

Reply 15 - Posted by: bubbabgone, 7/31/00 9:02:11 PM

He's not an Aussie?
Well then I say reinstate him.

Reply 16 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 7/31/00 9:06:10 PM

He got kicked off for doing Al Pacino is 'Scent of a Woman" impressions. IE - some people on this forum can't handle the truth.

Reply 17 - Posted by: Chris W, 7/31/00 9:08:02 PM

That was Jack Nicholson......must be that loss to the Pies that has upset you....

Reply 18 - Posted by: demonbowler, 7/31/00 9:08:11 PM

What's up? Y'all out to lunch 'cause JJ can't share his photo library of Ms Sprinkle? OK, I admit it, I miss him too.

Reply 19 - Posted by: bubbabgone, 7/31/00 9:09:40 PM

Nah, I don't believe it.

I think I remember his chauvinistic view of the accuracy of The Patriot, as though it was supposed to be History Channel special.

That ain't enough for a ban.

Maybe he's in jail.

Reply 20 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 9:12:14 PM

Chris W,

WHATEVER YOU DO, don't mention that loss to the Pies.

Reply 21 - Posted by: palo verde, 7/31/00 9:15:18 PM

Maybe he's at the Republican Convention. His passion for politics was well-known here.
Love, Palo

Reply 22 - Posted by: Diplomat, 7/31/00 9:16:30 PM

The 1st Amendment doesn't apply to Brit's and Aussies' or have you guys copied our Constitution too?

As for jjbrouwer, I don't know why he got kicked off, I haven't been on in over a few days, but frankly, his obsession with posting pictures of female tennis players was annoying and juvenile.

That being said, I'd rather Lucianne toss out the posters who add .wav files to their posts. Usually they are not funny and they are a bandwidth hog for those of us who are still stuck in modem world.

Reply 23 - Posted by: Dawgsquat, 7/31/00 9:16:43 PM

If he's in jail, who is the jj that just e-mailed me?

Reply 24 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 7/31/00 9:20:05 PM


Get back to your rat-fink Commie quisling Fairfax paper and let me dream uip press releases for you to copy out tomorrow nand call a story.

Thats for mentioning the Collingwood debacle.

Reply 25 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 9:24:24 PM


The 1st Amendment doesn't apply to Brit's and Aussies' or have you guys copied our Constitution too?

It does to me and Mel Gibson.

I think we all have the propensity to be annoying at times. I do agree with you on those bloddy wave files.

Reply 26 - Posted by: palo verde, 7/31/00 9:26:45 PM

Dawg, I thought maybe he went to see 'The Patriot.' He's been saying how much he wants to see that movie. Isn't Mel Gibson his favorite actor too?
Love, Palo

Dawg, I'm just fooling. Where is jj? What happened?
Shall I talk sternly to my beloved Igor and ask him to unban jj?

O Lucianne, come on. Let jj come back.
Love, Palo

Reply 27 - Posted by: sailfish, 7/31/00 9:27:44 PM


Reply 28 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 7/31/00 9:28:39 PM


Didn't Heath Ledger write their Constitution?

Reply 29 - Posted by: Dawgsquat, 7/31/00 9:30:08 PM

See reply #14 for the reason. I'll not go into the details on this forum.

Reply 30 - Posted by: Diplomat, 7/31/00 9:31:14 PM

Ban the .WAV not jjb.

Ban the .WAV not jjb.

Ban the .WAV not jjb.

Ban the .WAV not jjb.

Ban the .WAV not jjb.

Ban the .WAV not jjb.

Reply 31 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 9:35:12 PM

If this isn't a low tech chat room, could someone please enlighten me as to what it IS?

Reply 32 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 7/31/00 9:35:46 PM

JJ snickers at your webmaster.

Reply 33 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 7/31/00 9:36:20 PM

Its a place where we cann agree with with each while performing mkutually satsifying acts of gratification upon one another!!!!!

Reply 34 - Posted by: capecodder, 7/31/00 9:38:09 PM

Heads up Ldotters, Laura Bush to address convention momentarily.

Reply 35 - Posted by: palo verde, 7/31/00 9:39:48 PM

capecodder, how fast? I want to see that?
Love, Palo

Reply 36 - Posted by: JessieJackson666, 7/31/00 9:39:53 PM

Annie Sprinkle was a famous porn star in the 80's.

Reply 37 - Posted by: palo verde, 7/31/00 9:41:08 PM

I'm going in now. Love, Palo

Reply 38 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 9:41:55 PM

I have a good video feed from C-Span

Reply 39 - Posted by: MightyMike, 7/31/00 9:42:25 PM

See reply #14 for the reason.

Dawg, you have GOT to be KIDDING me!

Considering how dead this forum is between the hours of 2AM and 6AM, you'd think they'd offered to pay jj for his endless entertainment during those wee hours.

And jj, if you're listening, I didn't always 'get' your dry sense of humor, but when I did, I laughed my butt off. For a limey bastard, you're all right.

Reply 40 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 9:42:45 PM

Palo, not the best choice of words for this thread.

Reply 41 - Posted by: Dawgsquat, 7/31/00 9:46:51 PM

Not kidding, Mike. Wish I was.

Reply 42 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 9:46:56 PM

Annie Sprinkle is a hag. And her utterances are not news. I sure wish this was never posted. I had forgotten about her, which is a good thing. NOW I have a rather ugly image in my head that will take years to drop from the RAM and consign to the cobwebs of the HD.

A pox on the dork who posted this.

Reply 43 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 9:49:15 PM

Yea, Palo, big, big mistake. Especially considering the subject matter of the one woman show this idiot used to "perform".

Reply 44 - Posted by: Hypocrite Mufti, 7/31/00 9:49:44 PM


JJ has been struck down by Allah.

Lucianne has much to learn from The True Talibani Believers but she is doing well for an unwashed kufr aggressor.

Freedom of speech is an affront and JJ should be stoned to death with out further ado.


Reply 45 - Posted by: Chris W, 7/31/00 9:50:18 PM

Gee...just trying to help...

Chris W

Reply 46 - Posted by: Landshark, 7/31/00 9:51:14 PM

Something tells me jj is still among us, albeit in *civilian clothes.*

Reply 47 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 9:56:11 PM

Should I name the sniveling whinger who has been harping on Lucy about jj?

Reply 48 - Posted by: Dawgsquat, 7/31/00 9:57:43 PM

At your own peril.

Reply 49 - Posted by: dot com, 7/31/00 9:59:29 PM

Camille Paglia is sort of a pro porn feminist too. She feels porn empowers women. But she is a great writer too and has great wit, as well as being very anti-PC.

Reply 50 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 7/31/00 9:59:45 PM

Fill in the blanks:

G _ P_ _ l

A game of Hangman maybe.

Reply 51 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 10:02:12 PM

Señor Peabody:
Which "sniveling whinger" might you be referring to? I mean, there are so many I can't count!!!

Reply 52 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 10:03:31 PM

Oops. You're "hangman" thing weren't up when I last posted.

Aaahhh. THAT "sniveling whinger". Makes perfect sense.

Reply 53 - Posted by: Dawgsquat, 7/31/00 10:06:49 PM

G_P_ _l
Atta boy, Peabers.

Reply 54 - Posted by: MightyMike, 7/31/00 10:10:15 PM

Well, that still sucks.

JJ usually kept his late night/early morning rants to one thread, so he was easy enough to avoid.

Or, you coulda just went to bed.

Either way, we're loosing posters left and right here, and pretty soon you'll be left with only indie, MidnightRider, war, and a few others. Hope you're happy with yourself.

Reply 55 - Posted by: UncleJoe, 7/31/00 10:11:02 PM

the little democracy worshipping maggot has been rightly exiled by the wise and strong staffers.

The gulags would be too good for that free talking beatnik but I'm prepared to take him if Luci would kindly hand him over.

Survival of the strong. Destroy the weak

Free Speech is for Capitalist Running Dogs!

Reply 56 - Posted by: roman, 7/31/00 10:13:11 PM

Camille Paglia is a fun, raunchy, entertaining thinker who will never satisfy any idelogue, which means, she's a libertarian.

Annie Sprinkle is porn, which means guys who wear leather jackets control her world, not her.

jj is history and i could care less. i'm amazed i have not met the same fate. . .

Reply 57 - Posted by: Erma Khunt, 7/31/00 10:15:37 PM

Oh dear,

Don't tell me that Mr JJ is gone. Oh please let him come back. I'll bake a tart in his honour (not Ms Sprinkles mind you).

Remember, the K is silent.

Reply 58 - Posted by: RatFinkQuisling, 7/31/00 10:18:30 PM

Why do all you goddamned commie pinko fairies get off whinging about the dead.

Put a bazooka up his a*s and fire away I say!

JJ is dead! HA HA HA HA

we've taken over the asylum!

Reply 59 - Posted by: Igor, 7/31/00 10:21:34 PM


If the man JJ has being kicked off can his friend email him to tell him I now am having his new guns and same new tank.

I want vodka and give war booty tonight at times square 20:30 I be wear army fatigues and carry big gun.

Reply 60 - Posted by: palo verde, 7/31/00 10:38:06 PM

I'm back. The dogs wouldn't let me watch TV. They wanted to be fed, etc. What did I say before- 2 weeks ago jj cautioned me about something inocuous I said too-- am I saying code words for raunchy sex acts (without realizing it).

Lucy, it's silly to ban jj. He's not exclusive, you know-- anyone can join his party. He welcomes everyone in. The more the merrier is his idea. He simply wants to have a good time. Plus he makes the Aussies feel welcome here. And Sunshine will lose her glow when she finds out. And Dawg's good mood will vanish. There's a lot of interconnectivity here-- and I don't mean cliquiness. The opposite. If jj is happy, sunshine is happy, etc. The links include everyone here. This is an all-inclusive site. No one is excluded.
jj is the first to welcome newcomers and make them feel at home.
Love, Palo

Reply 61 - Posted by: Big Boomerang, 7/31/00 10:42:31 PM

Feel Free to post any correspondence from
the webmaster on the thread.... have they been as dissmissive of you guys as they have of me?


Reply 62 - Posted by: Kitten, 7/31/00 10:43:20 PM

Why did JJB get banned?

Reply 63 - Posted by: Big Boomerang, 7/31/00 10:46:01 PM

for using the site like a chat room

Reply 64 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 7/31/00 10:46:52 PM


JJ got banned for being funny and not agreeing with every possible statement made certain GOPgals.

Reply 65 - Posted by: Kitten, 7/31/00 10:50:21 PM

But everyone uses the site like a chat room - was he so very different?

Reply 66 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 10:51:17 PM

palo verde:
Listen, gal, all is not peaches 'n cream here in "Hooterville". Lucianne has the right to ban anyone who does not keep discussions on track. I agree, jj was a warm 'n fuzzy little critter, however the Lady owns this site.

Lately this site has been invaded from time to time by some very hateful people. Idiots like that knuckle draggin' BrazoLargo were dispensed with in a matter of days. However there are lots of "lurkers" , posters and snipers who are a lot more crafty and who hang out here trying to steer conversations towards hateful subjects.

BTW, when I was growing up, I used to love to climb around in the Palo Verde trees. I can still remember what it felt like to strip the leaves off in my grubby little hands.


Reply 67 - Posted by: Big Boomerang, 7/31/00 10:52:10 PM

I heard from a little bird that Glitch has also been dealt with in this afternoon of unusually long knives.... is this site sliding or is it just me?

Glitch was an as*hole but I wouldn't deny him/her the right to speak.... unlike some!

Reply 68 - Posted by: Kitten, 7/31/00 10:53:51 PM

Glitch will just show up under another name. He is known as pimply Pujete but he has had many incarnations. He will be back.

Reply 69 - Posted by: Big Boomerang, 7/31/00 10:55:04 PM

Shouldn't we be censured for using this thread to chat?

Reply 70 - Posted by: Kitten, 7/31/00 10:57:04 PM

I must say I have to agree with Indypundit that participation is at the discretion of the owner, Lucianne and staff. That said, maybe we can persuade them otherwise to bring back JJB.

Reply 71 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 10:59:18 PM

I was posting on the thread when the axe fell on Glitch. He starts out by cut 'n pastin' some stuff from that website that I felt was a bit long, but really added to the discussion regarding C. Rice's qualifications in the arena of foreign policy. Then Glitch delivers a bombshell regarding some wingnut commie conspiracy crap cut 'n pasted from God knows where. When L.Dot Staff chided him again for violating copyright rules, the idiot unloads on said "staff".

Bingo. Gone. I totally agree with the decision. Glitch was a real "wingnut's wingnut" and probably needs meds.

Reply 72 - Posted by: Kitten, 7/31/00 11:00:40 PM

He was abusing the staff!

Reply 73 - Posted by: UncleJoe, 7/31/00 11:01:06 PM

Lucy now you have made this courageous decision you must stick to it.

Bowing down to the libertarian demands of these capitalist / democratic running dogs will lower you in the eyes of all dead dictators.

I suggest that you take this opportunity to extend the parameters of your pogrom and crush all opposition (it worked for me!)

Uncle Joe Salutes you!

Reply 74 - Posted by: quidmumc, 7/31/00 11:01:57 PM

| |
| O
| /|
| |
| /|


Do I win?

Reply 75 - Posted by: quidmumc, 7/31/00 11:03:06 PM


Must be a strong breeze.

Reply 76 - Posted by: Kitten, 7/31/00 11:03:27 PM

Here is the exchange:

Reply 76 - Posted by: glitch, 7/31/00 6:304 PM

Your full of it, L Com Staff.
The fact of the matter is you feel threatened by the truth and you think you can suppress it.
You are so wrong.
You're as wrong as those folks in the White House, whom you're starting to resemble.


Reply 77 - Posted by: LComStaff, 7/31/00 6:37:29 PM

Goodbye, glitch.

Reply 77 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 11:04:28 PM

I bet the staff would vastly prefer that we talk about this stuff than the creepy, disgusting story at the top of this thread. However, if enough of you insist, I will deliver a synopsis of Ms. Sprinkle's "one woman show" that she foists upon the public in her perpetual vanity tour around the country.

But watch out what you ask for....!!!

Reply 78 - Posted by: palo verde, 7/31/00 11:14:46 PM

Indypundit, Tucson is in the grip of a heat wave now (and a heatwave during a desert summer is hot)-- so I didn't follow your post perfectly.
I just know I love you.
Love, Palo

Of course jj should come back. Anyone here can reason rings around me-- but I still know jj belongs here. I just remembered the totally inocuous thing I said that jj said 'never say that again, Palo.' I have no idea why-- I'm afraid to say it now, 'cause it must mean something totally filthy.
Love, Palo

Reply 79 - Posted by: scooby, 7/31/00 11:18:37 PM

Hmm... I'll have to take over posting the Kournikova pics...

Reply 80 - Posted by: Chris W, 7/31/00 11:20:36 PM

Ooooooh behaaaave!!!

Reply 81 - Posted by: scooby, 7/31/00 11:20:43 PM

Annie Sprinkle, eat your heart out.

Reply 82 - Posted by: scooby, 7/31/00 11:21:30 PM

This site has a whole gallery of "Up-skirt" shots... ;)

Reply 83 - Posted by: quidmumc, 7/31/00 11:24:28 PM


Please refer to post 40, which in turn refers to post 37.

Reply 84 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 11:24:55 PM

I'm hoping to visit Tucson this summer, if I can put together five or six free days in the coming month. On one hand I want to stay at the Hotel Congress in downtown Tucson, but on the other hand I would like a hotel with a fine, large, clean swimming pool to lounge about.

I hear that the El Con hotel fits this bill. My kid brother stayed there a couple of years ago. When I lived in Tucson the El Con was located on Broadway near Alvernon. It was a fine old hotel back then. But I hear the new encantation is really ritzy. And, as we know, Tucson has big bad ol' Phoenix beaten, hands down, in every way possible.

BTW, if I catch you inadvertently "makin' nasties" I'll try to discretely explain the double entendre. The language has gotten so darn complicated in the last ten years, especially regarding the "nasties". So, go ahead and say it. We won't be offended, or think any less of you, either.

Reply 85 - Posted by: quidmumc, 7/31/00 11:27:36 PM

Dear Palo,

I forgot to add in post 83:

"which will answer your question in post 78."

Reply 86 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 11:27:40 PM

I just got quid's reference. I can explain your innocent error if you insist, and do it in a discreet manner, but you gotta ask!

(don't feel pressured into asking. It's really no big deal...but if you're curious...)

Reply 87 - Posted by: palo verde, 7/31/00 11:28:31 PM

Well I missed Laura Bush's speech,
because I cared more about getting jj back.
Here is the email I just got from him:

Hey Palo

Someone told me you were a bit upset I'd been kicked off Lucy's excellent
site. I've been a bit wrapped up in work today.

Don't fret, Pet! The staff feared I was turning the site into a chatroom and
banned me without a warning. It is of no matter.

Anyone who wants examples of my recent

Reply 88 - Posted by: Indypundit, 7/31/00 11:40:19 PM

C-SPAN will likely re-run it over and over. She was charming.

Reply 89 - Posted by: palo verde, 7/31/00 11:51:21 PM

j, must have used a quotation mark, I just noticed his email only has first sentence. (When I found jj's email I found one from my mom and had to write back to her.) I'll try to post jj's again. Wish me luck:

Hey Palo

Someone told me you were a bit upset I'd been kicked off Lucy's excellent
site. I've been a bit wrapped up in work today.

Don't fret, Pet! The staff feared I was turning the site into a chatroom and
banned me without a warning. It is of no matter.

Anyone who wants examples of my recent 'chatter' can go to the search box and
do a search on jjbrouwer.

I have collated my correspondence of this morning with the boss if anyone
wants me to forward them a copy. My address is

Sorry for not being interested in politics but just enjoying the site! I hope
someone got the joke! Lucianne finally admitted she found me 'very funny' so
that is something, I guess.

Love Jules.

Reply 90 - Posted by: Big Boomerang, 7/31/00 11:55:02 PM


Sounds like Glitch got what he desrved but doesn't change the situation vis a vis JJ.

..... and thats a tidy anna k site too!

Reply 91 - Posted by: MightyMike, 7/31/00 11:56:41 PM

The staff feared I was turning the site into a chatroom and banned me without a warning.

But, but, but, the rules plainly state:

Should we decide that an individual poster is in repeated violation of these rules we will notify you at the Email you provide with a warning and a restatement of the rules. Should the practice continue, that poster will be removed from the registry and posting privileges will be rescinded.

Staff, if it is true that jj's posting privileges were taken away, without warning, then your rules are a misrepresentation, and I urge you to modify them to reflect reality.

Reply 92 - Posted by: Indypundit, 8/1/00 12:03:08 AM

This website ain't no democracy. Ooooh, so the posted rules don't completely conform to practices in regards to keeping the conversation on point? Welll, what are you gonna do, sue?

Reply 93 - Posted by: Igor, 8/1/00 12:05:24 AM

I shoot site with AK if I not get my vodka from English Man!

Is not democracy yes.

Reply 94 - Posted by: Indypundit, 8/1/00 12:09:56 AM

Hell, I thought jj dude was this smarmy, organ meat eatin' Queen kissin' lime suckin' ninny.

I can't imagine corresponding with that "brit twit"!!! Anyway, he was probably some invention of the "Clinton basement propogandists" designed to break our concentration while we continuously chant the GOP daily talking points.

But hey, that Laura Bush sure is some looker!!!


Reply 95 - Posted by: andysmom, 8/1/00 12:10:37 AM

I have gone back and read some of jjbrouwers postings, and frankly, cannot find where he had gotten out of hand...I must be missing something...also, I agree, if he was banned without warning as he claims, than that does not seem to jive with the stated rules, about being given a warning before being banned....of course its Luciannes site, and she can ban who she wants, thats a given...but I also would like a little clarification...was jj banned without a warning as he states, or was he really given a warning?

Reply 96 - Posted by: palo verde, 8/1/00 12:10:45 AM

I referred to this prez as 'the big C'-- that is what jj said never say again.
So I won't.
I just thought I was using an initial.
Now I wonder what I inadvertently said on the intercourse site-- where the conversation about jj began. The posts were all on that topic, until someone said if jj wasn't banned, he'd have a lot to add to this thread. That's when we all first found out about jj-- and the topic switched to that.
We all wanted jj back.
Then I came here to find out what happened.

Indy, there is a hotel which used to be called the Aztec (when I moved here in '91) --now called the Clarion on Alvernon near Broadway. With a huge swimming pool. The nicest one in Tucson (I think, I love to swim). (There are 2 hotels called the Clarion now-- the one on Alvernon has the huge swimming pool.)
Prices are really low now 'cause of the heat wave. I love Tucson.
Love, Palo

Reply 97 - Posted by: palo verde, 8/1/00 12:14:05 AM

andy'smom, I agree with you. Tell Igor to bring jj back. Love, Palo

Reply 98 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:21:43 AM

I got email from JJB with a long chain of correspondence and it appears to me he didn't quite intend to do what Lucianne asked of him - indeed he seemed to be saying he would continue exactly as before in limited form without adapting to the modifications she requested. The problem to me seemed to be that he didn't appear to be listening to her. Wittingly or unwittingly. I'm not saying this to be criticizing JJB - but this is what it looks like from the perspective of a disinterested outsider. Maybe he got a little overexcited about the fact that he was talking to someone famous and couldn't stick to the topic addressed to him. In any case I hope he can be brought back somehow and learn to address topics in the manner requested. When Lucianne asks me to do something differently, my response is 'yes ma'am!' (or rather, Yo! Lucianne! will do) and it doesn't bother me a bit to do it that way.

Reply 99 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 8/1/00 12:22:49 AM

It wouldn't be so bad (the untimely demise of JJmeister)if some other losers went too.

Like people who clog up the world with repeated smileyfaces and the people who refuse to discuss anything with me (and other Aussies too I presume) merely because they are convinced out Government banned guns and repossesed them Elian/INS style.

Reply 100 - Posted by: Chip O Shoulder, 8/1/00 12:24:33 AM



Reply 101 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:25:13 AM

Well I discuss things with you, Kingy! Who else would I have to discuss the intricacies of Javanese political intrigue with?

Reply 102 - Posted by: palo verde, 8/1/00 12:26:12 AM

hennypenny got a warning. I read about it on 3 different threads. He posted that now he's too inhibited to touch the keys with his fingers.
Love, Palo

Reply 103 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 8/1/00 12:26:13 AM

Kitten ... as JJ is a journo I imagine the celebritah thing would be old hat by now.

And in the league of famousness (famosity?) where precisely does our gracious host reside?

Reply 104 - Posted by: Indypundit, 8/1/00 12:27:33 AM

Actually I have no idea how "the big C" in regards to Clinton, is the least bit dirty. Maybe jj has some insight that escapes me. Sometimes I can be a bit dense also.

And, thank you, thank you, thank you for the leads regarding hotels in Tucson. I'll look up the Clarion on the net and inquire as to prices. Sounds like it's located right in the middle of my old stompin' grounds, and a lot more affordable than the "chi chi" El Conquistador and the snooty Hotel Congress. I attended Rincon High the year it opened. Maybe I'll get lucky and catch a "monsoon" or two. And I've really got to watch my budget as I spent way way too much money on my recent excursion to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. Every where I went, they wanted money, money, money. Parts of Hawaii are just like Las Vegas without the gambling and cheap food.

Also, I want to visit Sabino Canyon. I hear it's really changed. I used to go camping there, with friends and with the Boy Scouts. I hear that the Desert Museum has been upgraded quite a bit since my last visit many years ago.

Boy, this is sure more fun than discussing Ms. Sprinkle's "spelunking" activities, now ain't it!!!


Reply 105 - Posted by: anonymous, 8/1/00 12:27:58 AM

I think that, as much as possible, posts should relate to the original article, otherwise what's the point? There's nothing criminal about getting off the track occasionally - heck, I've been guilty of this - but if it's done repeatedly by a particular poster then that's a cause for concern to the people who want to preserve the integrity of this website. These are my views.

As for Annie Sprinkle, she probably has a valid point or two about the stuffy British laws towards anything sexually explicit.

Reply 106 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:28:18 AM

Aw, heck, Kingy - I still get all excited when I meet famous people and I have been doing it for years. Let's admit that it's true and all journos are really groupies who have learned to mine paychecks from our groupie obsessions! Oooh, and I SQUEAL like a teenybopper when I see Mister Greenspan!!!

Reply 107 - Posted by: MAB2, 8/1/00 12:28:35 AM

I sure don't understand why this had to happen with JJ. Good grief, everybody on this site is "guilty" of wondering off the subject from time to time. JJ did use one-liners for comments on the subject at hand. How does that a chat room make?? But it is true about site ownership. We have been reminded of that several times lately, in such a way that suggests people go elsewhere if they don't like it. But I'm left to ask don't like what? It's getting very confusing about what is or isn't acceptable. Leaves me with a pretty bad feeling that I never expected to have on here.

Reply 108 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:29:48 AM

KK: She's famous and she's hot and with the ascendency of the Bush administration, she is going to get hotter. Of this I am certain. Bartley put her on his page. Drudge put her on his page.

Reply 109 - Posted by: jjbrouwer, 8/1/00 12:31:14 AM

Let's see if the old girl has given me back my wings...

Reply 110 - Posted by: andysmom, 8/1/00 12:31:24 AM

Kitten...thanks for the info from jj....

Palo...I do indeed wish they would bring jj back....

Mab...I too, am getting a bad feeling around here, which is something I never really thought would happen....just waiting to see what else unfolds...

Reply 111 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:31:47 AM

He's baaaaaaaaack!!!!

Reply 112 - Posted by: jjbrouwer, 8/1/00 12:31:53 AM

Well waddya know???

Reply 113 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:32:40 AM

OK, JJB. Tell us what you did to persuade!

Reply 114 - Posted by: palo verde, 8/1/00 12:32:52 AM

King, everyone wants to discuss things with you. It takes a while for discussions to get going. Pretty soon you'll have more than you ever wanted.
Love, Palo

Reply 115 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 8/1/00 12:34:04 AM

He probably grovelled like a mofo.

Welcome Back Matey!!

Reply 116 - Posted by: jjbrouwer, 8/1/00 12:34:13 AM

Sticking to the thread, as everyone else has done (!?) the article is rubbish.

Reply 117 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:34:56 AM

ONe thing that bugs me is when King Kangaroo says something and people pile on him without trying to find out more about what he thinks and why he thinks it. he has a unique down-under perspective that is very typical of other aussies i know so we could stand to learn something from his perspective if we could just withold the urge to pile on and scream socialist.

Reply 118 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 8/1/00 12:34:56 AM

Thanks Lucianne.

Reply 119 - Posted by: andysmom, 8/1/00 12:35:06 AM

Welcome back jj....glad to see you are fine form, hopefully...

Reply 120 - Posted by: Igor, 8/1/00 12:35:18 AM


I'm glad you be back *sob* *sob*

Reply 121 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:35:36 AM

Thanks Lucianne. We'll try to keep him in line.

Reply 122 - Posted by: Chris W, 8/1/00 12:36:25 AM

What is happening here!!!! This is madness...who the hell IS JJ? What are we doing here. Shouldn't we be working???

Or something??

Reply 123 - Posted by: erslo, 8/1/00 12:36:36 AM

Or perhaps they just realize what it really is. There's nothing uplifting in porn, nothing that will make you a better person.
Nothing to aspire to. Nothing you would want your children to watch. How many people invite their parents over to watch a porn flick? How many people would get together with their children, and watch a really great porn movie?

Reply 124 - Posted by: jjbrouwer, 8/1/00 12:37:05 AM

Kitten, reply #98

Reply 125 - Posted by: quidmumc, 8/1/00 12:37:19 AM

I reckon this BOY has been pulling our collective legs.

Kitten, KK has admitted he's a pinko commie socialist Fabian BOY, and Collingwood supporter.

Reply 126 - Posted by: Big Boomerang, 8/1/00 12:38:52 AM

KK does have a unique point of view.... which is typical.... you crack me up!LMAO

Reply 127 - Posted by: Dawgsquat, 8/1/00 12:39:35 AM

Hi jj, maybe they're just gonna let you on for the late show!

Reply 128 - Posted by: Big Boomerang, 8/1/00 12:40:41 AM

Chris W,
from one fairfax employee to another that is an outrageous assertion... could you please withdraw it!

Reply 129 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:40:59 AM

Huh? Boomerang? Moi?


Reply 130 - Posted by: jjbrouwer, 8/1/00 12:41:10 AM

Sorry you guys, I'm not allowed to talk to you!!!

Reply 131 - Posted by: Chris W, 8/1/00 12:41:10 AM

What the hell is wrong with being a pinko commie socialist anyway???

Don't knock it till you've tried it, man...

Chris W

Reply 132 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:42:12 AM

Boomrang - now I get it. It's unique on this bulletin board but very typical down there because i used to hang out with aussies in singapore and they all shared his perspective.

Reply 133 - Posted by: palo verde, 8/1/00 12:43:38 AM

jj, quid is the one who got you back. Well what a relief. It broke Igor's heart.

Indy, guess what? I live around the corner from Rincon HS.
Love, Palo

Reply 134 - Posted by: Dawgsquat, 8/1/00 12:43:53 AM

Reply 135 - Posted by: Big Boomerang, 8/1/00 12:44:16 AM

I know what you meant but couldn't resist....

You still haven't responded on the Red Indo thread.... oops I should stop 'chatting'

Reply 136 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 8/1/00 12:44:39 AM

Kitten + Palo,

Thanks stacks luvs!

And Kitten ... the Indo/Timor/Asia threads are always great ... keep posting them!!

What really bugs me is having a discussion about US politics and if I disagree with somebody (say David P!!) they accuse me of having no idea about US politics (weird considering I was just dicussing it with them etc etc)and then say it is a result of living under a Socialist liberal Government.

Its so obvious they just do some lamo search, see one headline like "Aussie Liberals Win Election" and go mental.

Anybody with any idea will know that our "liberal" government is the most conservative right-wing government in the world bar the Haider crew in Austria.

Reply 137 - Posted by: quidmumc, 8/1/00 12:46:29 AM

You forgot Fabian, BOY!

Reply 138 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 12:49:13 AM

Boomerang - which one is the Red indo thread? Is it the Xinhua scoop on the army shakeup?

Reply 139 - Posted by: jjbrouwer, 8/1/00 12:50:57 AM

Well thanks for all the support and emails. Dunno what happened. Chris, that article doesn't link. Scooby, I emailed you my stash of Korny pics but I want them all back now.

I'm off down the boozer - I will probably have been banned again by the time I get back!

This thread IS a chatroom. But don't blame ME. I wasn't here.

Reply 140 - Posted by: MAB2, 8/1/00 12:52:18 AM

Well thank heavens,JJ. And thank you Lucianne.

I was out all evening, and just got back saw this thread. I guessed there would be interesting folks on here,not that the article would be interesting. And how strange and unusual it has been.

Reply 141 - Posted by: anonymous, 8/1/00 12:52:49 AM

JJ Brouwer once called me a derogatory term because I didn't share his devotion to a particular tennis tart. I'm not always into male bonding of that sort.

Erslo, I think that just like good Hollywood movies and bad Hollywood movies there can also be good porn and bad porn. I think that alot of the porn participants do it for the money, and it shows in their tepid performances.

Reply 142 - Posted by: scooby, 8/1/00 12:54:47 AM

anon: they do porn for the money? Oh God, is there no art left in this barren world?

Reply 143 - Posted by: palo verde, 8/1/00 1:07:28 AM

King, honeybunch, Going mental on anyone who has a different view is often a response here. If it happened to you, then you must be one of us now. Some people know this ahead of time-- and find it fun to stir everyone up. Some like to argue. I don't enjoy arguing myself. I only expressed an opposite view once to a poster who claimed that Jesse Ventura was a worse communist tyrant than Mao Tse Tung.
Love, Palo

Reply 144 - Posted by: Indypundit, 8/1/00 1:13:42 AM

Good ol' Fabian. Philly crooner from the dark ages of pop music. I think his last name was DiMucci.

Who in the hell would get worried about some follower of Fabian?

Reply 145 - Posted by: palo verde, 8/1/00 1:25:56 AM

King, thanks. I love you too.

Whew, happy ending. I'm glad.
Indy said C-Span will replay what I missed. I'll see what they are showing now.
See you all later (or tomorrow).
Love, Palo

Reply 146 - Posted by: bla bla, 8/1/00 1:28:23 AM

About the article ... just what does not wanting to watch other women explore their bodies have to do with me not enjoying exploring mine?? It is NOT reciprocal.

Show her "work" in museums?? "Art" my a**.
How's that for exploring my body?

I'll do my part to help you stay on topic, jj -- wouldn't want to lose you again -- opposites attract enlightenment.

Reply 147 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 8/1/00 1:34:34 AM


I love you too.

There's room for you in my pouch any time!

Reply 148 - Posted by: janny, 8/1/00 1:37:25 AM

Read the thread and it was very entertaining!!
Thanks for all the laughs!!

Reply 149 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 8/1/00 1:46:51 AM


You seem to be unhappy most of the time? Are you married to Roman?

Reply 150 - Posted by: quidmumc, 8/1/00 2:44:09 AM

God Bless John Winston Howard. He's told the UN to "stick it" twice this week. Yup, we're real commos down here.

Reply 151 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 2:46:03 AM

I like Aussie Howard. But his gaffes crack me up!

Reply 152 - Posted by: jjbrouwer, 8/1/00 2:48:34 AM

Chris, interesting post...heh heh.

Here is the link to that story.

Reply 153 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 8/1/00 2:49:53 AM

Ask Mr. Peabody about his famous "never, ever" gaffe Kitstar!

Reply 154 - Posted by: Kitten, 8/1/00 2:50:38 AM

And who is the one who calls Australia a banana republic???

Reply 155 - Posted by: jjbrouwer, 8/1/00 2:53:32 AM

Can we stick to the thread please? This is starting to resemble a chatroom!!!

Reply 156 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 8/1/00 3:00:58 AM

Ah, but KK, that wasn't a "core" promise.

What gaffes Kitten?

Reply 157 - Posted by: Big Boomerang, 8/1/00 3:04:04 AM

This has gotta be one of the coolest chat sites on the net.

seeya I'm off home!

Reply 158 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 8/1/00 3:04:54 AM


The banana republic was PJ Keating (who also called Mahathir a recalcitrant).

I disagree with his politics, but I do miss Keating's quick wit on his feet. He even had me laughing.

Reply 159 - Posted by: jjbrouwer, 8/1/00 3:10:53 AM

Thanks, Boom. The LINK for that site...

Reply 160 - Posted by: Christo, 8/1/00 3:20:02 AM

I kinda miss Paulie, too...

Reply 161 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 8/1/00 3:20:42 AM


That remark has been taken out of contec=xt so many times.

What Keating actually said was that if Australia didn't deregulate its financial markets further and drop tariffs to correct the massive current-account blowout he inherited from the dinosaur like protectionist Libs ... we would end up a Banana Republic.

Paul Keating, worlds best Treasuer according to The Economist in 1984.

Reply 162 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 8/1/00 3:21:46 AM

And all this finacial genius froma LABOR Prime Minister.

That should prove just how different Aust. politics is to US.

Reply 163 - Posted by: scooby, 8/1/00 3:33:49 AM

valleystorm asked me to repost this thread as it's getting too long for her browser.

Reply 164 - Posted by: scooby, 8/1/00 3:36:25 AM

New Thread

Reply 165 - Posted by: Mr. Peabody, 8/1/00 3:51:15 AM


Ya can't post in the new thread. I'm having problems with this one myself. A pox on you for posting non-bikini shots of Anna (too many clothes slow the thread down).

KK, the fiscal dinosaur was Malfunction. You can tell he was a financial twit by the way he took his super, and is now crying poor mouth.

JWH was advocating a broad based consumption tax back in the 70s, as Keating did in 84 and 85. Peacock ran on a GST in 84, but everyone forgets that.

Reply 166 - Posted by: KingKangaroo, 8/1/00 3:56:35 AM


Yes, we can agree then that Mal Practise was a financial dolt of the highest order. The only problem was that his Treasurer, JWH, was and still is, even worse.

Were you here for the Bottom of the Harbour tax avoidance schenes of the early 80's? JWH to thanks.

Howard wouldn't even deregulate when he was Trez, not the dollar,the banks, markets, nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zero.

Although this fare removed from his current efforts there is, to mine, a common thread to JWH's macro and micro-econmic policy is this ....

Make the rich richer and keep the poor poor.

These days though, he seems to be actively trying to make the poor poorre.

Reply 167 - Posted by: SgtRottweiler, 8/1/00 4:06:25 AM

For goodness' sake - I go away for a few hours to watch a convention and a ball game and jj is banned, then he's back again, there are a hundred sixty-five posts on this thread and I missed it all...

Reply 168 - Posted by: LGE, 8/1/00 4:10:10 AM

This talk of: "Make the rich richer and keep the poor poor." is the battle cry of the democrat party in the US.

Unfortunatly, the only way to make the poor richer is by allowing them to buy securities with their retirement money. Since the 1930's the democrat party has prevented the very thing necessary to help the poor.

Reply 169 - Posted by: scooby, 8/1/00 4:24:46 AM

I beg to differ Peabers. It works now.

Reply 170 - Posted by: david paul, 8/1/00 4:36:40 AM

I am sorely disappointed. After reading this morning of an increase in cigarette and beer taxes in Australia I expected less civility and more incoherency out of up from Down Under.

Reply 171 - Posted by: scooby, 8/1/00 4:39:33 AM

dp: Try sticking your finger up your ass, that should achieve the desired effect.

Reply 172 - Posted by: LComStaff, 8/1/00 4:40:50 AM

This thread has gotten too big to load easily now.

Reply 173 - Posted by: scooby, 8/1/00 4:45:16 AM

Yeah and the repost won't work. Night all...

Thread Closed